Materials Handling

The Dovey Corporation is now serving the materials handling industry. We offer many exciting new, effective, materials handling products. Currently, our line consists of the following products.

Power Pusher

The Power Pusher is a battery powered, heavy-duty, multi-use materials handling device. Its raw power allows it to push or pull almost anything on wheels, plus it is low maintenance and extremely durable. By introducing the Power Pusher to your employees, they become more efficient and are less likely to get injured on the job. This machine is truly an asset to any company handling heavy materials.

Power Tug

The Power Tug is a pedestrian-operated, electric tug unit, that utilizes a patented weight transfer method in order to move loads of up to 4,000 lbs. This materials handling product produces amazing results in a timely manner and minimizing employee injury risk.

Easy Mover

The full line of materials handling Easy Mover units are highly reliable and easy to operate. Easy mover eliminates the need for conventional labor intensive methods of handling large machinery, equipment, cables or rolls. Where it used to take four or more people, Easy Mover performs the same job with only one person.